Fiji FAQs

  1. What is the capital city of the Fiji Islands?

Suva is the national capital and is located on the south east side of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island.

  1. What are the official languages of Fiji?

There are three official languages in Fiji – English, Fijian and Hindustani.

  1. Are there poisonous land snakes in Fiji?

There are no poisonous snakes. However, there are several harmless varieties of indigenous snakes now confined to some outer islands.

  1. What is Fiji’s main source of income?

Fiji is a very popular tourist destination thus making tourism the main income earner for the country, followed by the sugar industry which itself is going through significant restructuring with the end of preferential pricing arrangements.

  1. What religions are practiced in Fiji?

Indigenous Fijians are typically Christians. The local Indian Fijians are usually Hindus or Muslims, and the local Chinese also practice Buddhism.

  1. What is the electricity voltage in Fiji?

Throughout Fiji it is 240 volts with AC/50 cycles. Australian and NZ electrical plugs are compatible with Fiji electrical sockets.

  1. Is there Malaria in Fiji?

The Fijian Group of islands are free from malaria.

  1. What is the life expectancy at birth in Fiji?

For males it is 66.1 years and for females it is 71.0 years.

  1. What is the population?

The approximate population of the Fiji Islands as of 2015 is 909,389.

  1. What time zone is Fiji located in?

GMT +12

  1. What does the Fiji flag look like?

  1. When is the best time of the year to visit Fiji?

The peak tourist season in Fiji is from June to October. This is the winter season and the weather is dry and warm.

  1. What is Fiji’s international dialling code?

The international country dialling code for the Fiji Islands is +679.

  1. What is the tallest building in the Fiji Islands?

Suva Central is Fiji’s tallest building standing at 24.6 metres high.

  1. What is the emergency phone number in Fiji?

911 is the number called to contact Fiji’s Emergency services.

  1. How many islands in Fiji are inhabited?

Of the 320 islands, only 105 are inhabited.