Why Fiji?

Fiji, More Than Aesthetic Pleasures

Conjure up an image of the Fiji Islands and you are likely to see golden sun-drenched beaches, gently swaying palm trees, welcoming smiles and world-class hospitality. You can be confident that’s a true reflecting of our beautiful country. Equally true is the fact that Fiji boasts a world-class manufacturing base in a number of sectors, and in particular the Textile, Clothing and Footwear industry.

Indeed, we’ve successfully produced iconic brand-name products for customers in Australia,

New Zealand and elsewhere for well over two decades. We offer great value products and our flexibility and “can-do” attitude makes us the preferred source of supply for a long list of very satisfied clients.

Manufacturers supporting the “Make It In Fiji” initiative are committed to sustained excellence through a process of continuous improvement in all aspects of their business operations. So, come on. Take a closer look at what it means for you to Make It In Fiji!

The manufacturers featured on this website hold a unique place in Fiji given the employment and economic opportunity especially afforded women in our community. Over 80% of the workforce is female, with their job in this industry being the sole source of income for families.

Our members embrace their obligations as responsible corporate citizens, and are committed to the provision of safe working conditions and fair wages commensurate with local regulations and respect our environment. We allow independent audits to be conducted annually to ensure standards are maintained.

Adherence to strict Quality Assurance principles means that you and your customers are buying the highest quality “value-for-money” products available.

Interested in Just-in-Time, job lots or other special orders? Our “can-do” attitude means every effort is made to accommodate your specific requirements without compromising your expectations.

No smog, no oppressive conditions. No doubt a great place to visit and do business.

Where things don’t get lost in translation.

So what does this mean for you?

Choosing to “Make It In Fiji” is all about peace of mind. You will have peace of mind that you are dealing with businesses that understand how you want to do business.

You will have peace of mind that the products you’ll receive will meet or exceed your expectations. You will have peace of mind that your customers will be satisfied by the quality of the products they buy from you.

And you will have peace of mind that you and your customers are not supporting oppressive work practises, the exploitation of children or disregard for the environment. To “Make It In Fiji” really is the right business decision… so, what are you waiting for?