We’ve Got the Answers

  1. Are there any fees levied to access www.makeitinfiji.com Directories and Services?

No. It’s free to everyone interested in browsing directories, run a search, placing an enquiry or making direct contact with our members!

  1. What is the scope of services offered by www.makeitinfiji.com?

The broad range of services currently available, along with others scheduled to be offered in the very near future include:

  • Find manufacturers by browsing the makeitinfiji.com database with individual company profiles and website links.
  • Get in touch with the TCF Council of Fiji member companies through voice, fax and e-mail, or check out the individual factory video clips to get a feel for them and their products.
  • Ask for free advice from the TCF Council of Fiji experts about products and suppliers.
  • Get professional advice from factories linked to makeitinfiji.com, not only to find a special product, but also to create new products, develop an apparel collection, locate a source for a special production process or recruit Fiji distributors for your own products and so much more!
  1. How can www.makeitinfiji.com improve my business?

We can help you:

  • Find many potential suppliers for the product or production you are looking for, saving you both time and money.
  • Get your information quickly and easily from one comprehensive site. Time is money!
  • Compare different proposals from genuine makeitinfiji.com companies who manufacture high-quality items.
  • Locate products you can’t find anywhere else. When buying directly from Fiji, you can bypass the middleman.
  • Get high quality products at great valued pricings.
  • Become more competitive with makeitinfiji.com products. Leverage the internet and beat your competitors with shorter lead-times.
  1. How can I get regular updates about New Products, New Companies, New Business Opportunities and Additional Services?

Very simple, just subscribe to our www.makeitinfiji.com Newsletter in the sign-up box. Our Free Monthly Newsletter can be unsubscribed at any time you wish.

  1. We are an International Fashion-Textile Company – how can we find a product or service not currently listed on www.makeitinfiji.com?

The www.makeitinfiji.com listing of member companies is growing. It is possible that you’ll find new Fiji companies the next time you visit our site.

  1. We are a Fiji Textile Company – how can www.makeitinfiji.com benefit us?

Fiji companies joining www.makeitinfiji.com dramatically increase their chances to partner with international Textile, Clothing and Footwear professionals.

  1. We are an International Fashion-Textile Company – how can www.makeitinfiji.com benefit us?

Factories listed on the site have years of Textile, Clothing and Footwear manufacturing experience. We offer consultations in many related areas, offering invaluable resources to you!

  1. We are a Fiji based TCF Company – how do we join www.makeitinfiji.com?

If you want your company included in the www.makeitinfiji.com directory, please visit our Contact Page and refer to the criteria set out in our application documentation. Once you’ve demonstrated compliance with the requirements, a minimal yearly fee will be incurred for inclusion in the www.makeitinfiji.com listing. This is an excellent opportunity to generate more business and one you won’t regret!